Living Land began as a one lady project! but I hope to link in, work with and support similar projects. If you’d like to work together please do get in touch. I have the long term hope that Living Land will evolve into a collaborative project, workers co-op or the like.

My name is Ali Murfitt, I have been teaching identification, foraging  and outdoor learning for the last 6 years, following an apprenticeship in Fungi and Wild flowers at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh. I have a background in ecology, conservation and environmental education, am passionate about plants and fungi and the natural world and love sharing what I have learnt with others.

roy n ali 1
Roy Watling – Expert mycologist, friend and fungi mentor. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and enthusiasm he shared – Thank you Roy!


My long term dream is to live on a small holding/land cooperative, grow interesting plants edible and medicinal plants, run environmental based courses and continue teaching into my old age! I also dream of a landscape where the food we grow, the wood we cut and the produce we forage enhances habitats rather than degrades them.

Living Land is a small step along the path to help people discover the joys of living more closely with the land and in some small way contribute to the growing body of idea’s and action, towards a more sustainable and just world.