The aim of our workshops and walks is to make wildflower identification easy and accessible for all.

There are over 1000 wildflowers in the UK. but they are grouped into families whichlooking share combinations of characters.

On a workshop you will learn how to quickly spot which family a plant belongs to using all the characters of a plant such as scent, leave shape, colour, shape of female stigmas and texture.

For example, the dead nettle family (that’s things like white deadnettle, water mint and thyme) share the following characteristics:

  • Square stems
  • Forked stamen (the male part with the pollen)
  • Irregular flowers (only symmetric in one direction) that are tubular
  • often aromatic

Once you’re in the right family its much easier to find the correct species in the book!

Plus there is much beauty to be discovered when you look into the detail of things!


As we encounter wildflowers, we will share folklore, edible and medicinal properties. It definitely helps to remember them.